Rey Mysterio

Starting with… the US debut.

A lot of stuff is missing from Mexico and Japan, especially in the 90s. This is highly unlikely to change any time soon.

Almost all of the outfits from April ’96 onwards were created by Masahiro Hayashi, a japanese designer Rey first met in December of ’95; some masks were made by Gustavo Bucio.

Outfit [530]

1995 [10]

1996 [26]

1997 [36]

Late that year, Rey started to wear a second mask on his way to the ring over the first one, something he only did very rarely before. That habit only lasted a few months though, and he again only did that very sparingly afterwards.

1998 [11]

1999 [5]

Rey lost his mask that year, and with that, completely changed his style, now mostly wrestling in street clothes (jeans, camo pants…) For the most part, I won’t care about those, and will only cover what looks like actually personnalized ring gear (which starts the following year).

2000 [5]

With the creation of the Misfits in Action stable, the Filthy Animals were not allowed to wear camo outfits anymore.

2001 [3]

Rey slooowly phased in the large pants he is most famous for.

2002 [20]

WWE debut, and… the mask is back!

2003 [25]

2004 [22]

2005 [20]

2006 [22]

2007 [15]

Rey introduced a new main logo (a skull with half a mask) that year to replace the old cross he’d been using since 2001. New outfits also now mostly came with a matching hood that was usually used only once and then given to a fan during the entrance. (Some of those hoods may be pieces of merch.)

2008 [21]

New change: the mask on newly-made outfits now mostly left the back of the head uncovered, though a full-head version was sometimes made too (usually, but not only, for non-matches appearances: promos, interviews, interferences…)

2009 [24]

This is where it gets complicated… From this point on, outfits usually came with:
— matching singlets, but we wouldn’t see them until a few years later! It is therefore entirely possible that they were created later to complete “old” outfits;
— matching gloves, or elbow pads, or big bracers… For simplicity’s sake, I’ll refer to all of those as sleeves.
For these outfits with lots of parts, it would be very rare for Rey to use every element (pants, mask, singlet, sleeves, hood…) at the same time. He also mixed and matched a bit with them, I tried to regroup everything in a way that makes sense.

2010 [22]

2011 [16]

By the end of the summer, Rey was virtually done with hoods. Instead, over his mask, he would sometimes wear another, cheaper mask (possibly merch) to give to a fan on his way to the ring. As they were obviously not part of his actual ring gear, I won’t care about those.

2012 [16]

During his tag team with Sin Cara, Rey wore fusion masks every now and then, with half the mask in his style and half in Sin Cara’s (who did the same thing).

2013 [11]

2014 [6]

2015 [14]

Back on the independant scene, Rey started to reintroduce tights to his wardrobe. He’d alternate between pants and tights for the next few years.

2016 [18]

2017 [11]

2018 [24]

Rey introduced masks with a mohawk, and back in the WWE for good starting in October, switched to tights exclusively and generic singlets (if any); the tassels on the matching armbands would sometimes fall off (or be removed) over the years.

2019 [32]

2020 [19]

2021 [20]

2022 [19]

2023 [22]

2024 [10]

Unknown [5]

Random Masks [21]

Unknown [21]

According to him, Rey has dozens, if not hundreds, of masks that were never used in wrestling shows. As I’d like to keep what’s left of my sanity, I’m not even gonna try to cover all of those, but here are a few interesting tributes, weird designs, or special occasions.


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Date (YYYY-MM-DD)EventOutfit
2024-04-20 WWE House Show (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA) Low Cut Singlet (Black)
Mask: Black w/ Yellow
Tights, Tags: Black w/ Red, Yellow & Blue [w/o mask & belt]
2024-04-21 WWE House Show (Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA) Low Cut Singlet (Black)
Mask: Black w/ Yellow
Tights, Tags: Black w/ Red, Yellow & Blue [w/o mask & belt]
2024-04-26 WWE Friday Night SmackDown Low Cut Singlet (Black)
Tights, Tags: Silver w/ Yellow
2024-04-29 WWE Monday Night Raw Mask: White
2024-05-03 WWE Friday Night SmackDown taping Low Cut Singlet (White)
Tights, Flag: BlueNEW!
2024-05-12 WWE House Show (Macon, Georgia, USA) Low Cut Singlet (Blue)
Tights, Tags: Blue w/ Pink
2024-05-13 WWE Digital Exclusive Mask: Silver w/ ColorsNEW!
2024-05-20 WWE Monday Night Raw Mask: Gold w/ Red
2024-05-27 WWE Monday Night Raw Tights, Tags: Black w/ Purple & Yellow v2NEW!
2024-06-03 WWE Monday Night Raw Low Cut Singlet (Black)
Mask: Newspaper [backstage]NEW!
Tights, Tags: Black w/ LWO [backstage w/o mask, match w/ mask]
2024-06-07 WWE Friday Night SmackDown taping Tights, Tags: Blue w/ Pink
2024-06-10 WWE Monday Night Raw Tights, Flag: Black w/ Blue & PinkNEW!
2024-06-17 WWE Monday Night Raw Mask: Silver w/ Colors [support]
Tights, Tags: Black w/ Green [w/o armbands, support w/o mask, match w/ mask]
Tights, Tags: Black w/ White [armands only]
2024-07-01 WWE Monday Night Raw Low Cut Singlet (Yellow)
Tights, Tags: Brown [w/o mohawk]
2024-07-08 WWE Monday Night Raw Low Cut Singlet (Black)
Mask, 619: Split Green & Pink [backstage]NEW!
Tights, Falcons: Rainbow [backstage w/o mask, match w/ mask #1]
2024-07-13 WWE House Show (Mexico City, Mexico) Tights, Falcons: PinkNEW!
2024-07-14 WWE House Show (Monterrey, Mexico) Low Cut Singlet (Pink)
Tights, Tags: Pink Rainbow
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Showing 1501 to 1517 of 1517 entries

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  • WCW Saturday Night
    4/17/1999 (taped 4/13), Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman vs Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko
    8/21/1999 (taped 8/17), Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Silver King
  • WCW Worldwide
    12/8/96, Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Johnny Swinger