Rey Mysterio
Tights, Falcons: AAA


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Date (YYYY-MM-DD)EventOutfit
2015-05-24 AAA Lucha Libre World Cup (2015) Aztec Warrior: Mexico [headdress only, backwards]
Mask: Black w/ Neons [celebration]NEW!
Pants, Face: Tribute, Green Lantern [3rd match & celebration, singlet only]
Pants, Skull: Green w/ Black [2nd & 3rd matches, mask #2 only]
Pants, Temple: Black w/ Green [2nd match w/o mask, 3rd match & celebration w/ pants only]
Tights, Falcons: AAA [1st match]NEW!
2015-09-13 [aired 2015-09-26] AAA Sin Límite (Ring & Rock StAAArs 4) Pants, Skull: Black w/ Multicolor
Tights, Falcons: AAA [singlet only]
Showing 1 to 2 of 2 entries
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