Steve Austin (vests)

At the WWF Superstars taping on March 10th, 1996, Steve Austin got rid of the “Ringmaster” moniker and debuted the Stone Cold gimmick with a new, bald look. Fast forward a few months: Stone Cold has dumped his million-dollar manager, has a new finisher, is on the way to success (and a new theme song), is getting insanely popular. and now wears a biker vest on his way to the ring, something he’ll keep doing until his last match in 2003.

Starting with… the first appearance of an entrance vest, the 7/29/96 edition of Raw.

Entrance vest [19]

1996 [2]

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2002 [2]

2003 [1]

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Date (YYYY-MM-DD)EventEntrance vest
2002-02-17 WWF No Way Out (2002) What
2002-02-25 WWF Raw Hell Yeah v2
2002-03-04 WWF Raw Alcohol Fueled
2002-03-11 WWF Raw Alcohol Fueled
2002-03-17 WWF WrestleMania X8 Alcohol Fueled
2002-04-08 WWF Raw What
2002-04-15 WWF Raw What
2002-04-21 WWF Backlash (2002) Hell Yeah v2
2002-04-22 WWF Raw Hell Yeah v2
2002-04-29 WWF Raw Alcohol Fueled
2002-05-04 WWF Insurrextion (2002) Hell Yeah v2
2002-05-06 WWE Raw Hell Yeah v2
2002-05-13 WWE Raw Hell Yeah v2
2002-05-19 WWE Judgment Day (2002) Whoop Ass v2
2002-06-03 WWE Raw Alcohol Fueled
2003-02-23 WWE No Way Out (2003) Whoop Ass v2
2003-03-17 WWE Raw 101 Proof
2003-03-30 WWE WrestleMania XIX Bullet Proof
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Showing 251 to 268 of 268 entries