Ric Flair (robes)

A lot of wrestlers wore robes to the ring, especially in the old days, but none of them made them iconic more than the styling and profiling, limousine-riding, jet-flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun!
Costing about $10,000 on average, most of those were designed and made by Olivia Walker, who also made robes and gear for several other wrestlers (Greg Valentine, Lex Luger, Paul Orndorff, Dusty Rhodes, Madusa, Stan Stasiak, the Killer Bees, her husband Mr. Wrestling II…)

Footage from the 70s and the 80s being what it is, a lot of shows are probably missing from the index, so the premiere years are to be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, I think I have all the robes.

A few of these robes were altered at some point (to add rhinestones, fur…) Sometimes it will grant them a different entry here, sometimes it won’t.

Entrance robe [39]

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Date (YYYY-MM-DD)EventEntrance robe
2002-05-06 WWE Raw Red w/ Gold
2002-05-13 WWE Raw Blue w/ White
2002-05-19 WWE Judgment Day (2002) Blue w/ White
2002-06-03 WWE Raw Blue w/ White
2002-06-10 WWE Raw None
2002-06-23 WWE King of the Ring (2002) Red w/ Gold
2002-07-01 WWE Raw Red w/ Gold
2002-07-08 WWE Raw Red w/ Gold
2002-07-15 WWE Raw Red w/ Gold
2002-07-29 WWE Raw Black w/ Silver v3
2002-08-12 WWE Raw Orange w/ Gold
2002-08-25 WWE SummerSlam (2002) Purple v2
2002-09-02 WWE Raw None
2002-09-16 WWE Raw Purple v2
2002-09-22 WWE Unforgiven (2002) Purple v2
2002-09-23 WWE Raw Purple v2
2002-10-20 WWE No Mercy (2002) Black w/ Silver v3
2002-10-21 WWE Raw Black w/ Silver v3
2002-11-18 WWE Raw None
2003-03-24 WWE Raw Black w/ Silver v3
2003-04-14 WWE Raw Purple v2
2003-04-27 WWE Backlash (2003) Orange w/ Gold
2003-04-28 WWE Raw Orange w/ Gold
2003-05-12 WWE Raw None
2003-05-19 WWE Raw Purple v2
2003-05-26 WWE Raw Red w/ Silver
2003-06-02 WWE Raw Orange w/ Gold
2003-06-15 WWE Bad Blood (2003) Orange w/ Gold
2003-06-23 WWE Raw Orange w/ Gold
2003-07-07 WWE Raw Red w/ Gold
2003-07-14 WWE Raw Red w/ Gold
2003-08-04 WWE Raw Purple v2
2003-08-11 WWE Raw Purple v2
2003-09-01 WWE Raw Purple v2
2003-09-08 WWE Raw Purple v2
2003-09-22 WWE Raw Red w/ Silver
2003-09-29 WWE Raw Purple v2
2003-10-06 WWE Raw Blue w/ White
2003-10-13 WWE Raw Purple v2
2003-10-20 WWE Raw Purple v2
2003-10-27 WWE Raw Blue w/ White
2003-11-17 WWE Raw Orange w/ Gold
2003-11-24 WWE Raw Orange w/ Gold
2003-12-14 WWE Armageddon (2003) None
2003-12-15 WWE Raw Purple v2
2004-01-05 WWE Raw Purple v2
2004-01-25 WWE Royal Rumble (2004) None
2004-01-26 WWE Raw Purple v2
2004-02-02 WWE Raw Red w/ Gold
2004-02-09 WWE Raw Red w/ Gold
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Showing 801 to 850 of 993 entries

Looking for infos on…

  • GCW TV:
    7/23/77, Ric Flair vs Randy Alls
    9/24/77, Ric Flair vs Ted Allen
    4/4/81, Ric Flair vs Charlie Fulton
    4/11/81, Ric Flair vs Tim Horner
    4/11/81, Ric Flair vs Ed Timbs
    4/18/81, Ric Flair vs The Executioner
    4/18/81, Ric Flair vs Frank Sherman
    8/8/81, Ric Flair vs Don Gilbert
    11/21/81, Ric Flair vs Bob Russell
  • MACW TV:
    1/9/80, Blackjack Mulligan & Ric Flair vs Brute Bernard & Frank Monte
    1/16/80, Ric Flair vs Doug Somers
    1/30/80, Ric Flair vs The Scorpion
    2/6/80, Blackjack Mulligan, Jim Brunzell & Ric Flair vs Brute Bernard, Doug Somers & The Scorpion
    4/30/80, Ric Flair vs Tank Patton
  • NJPW
    11/13/95 (aired 12/2), NJPW WCW World in Japan (Day 1), Ric Flair vs Osamu Nishimura
    7/17/96 (aired 8/3), NJPW Summer Struggle 1996 (Day 19), Ric Flair vs Shinya Hashimoto
    9/20/96 (aired 9/28), NJPW G1 Climax 1996 (Day 7), Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami *
    9/21/96 (aired 10/5), NJPW G1 Climax 1996 (Day 8), Ric Flair vs Kensuke Sasaki *
    * also released on G-1 Climax ’96 Special – The Best Bouts
  • NWA Main Event:
    3/19/89, Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs Lex Luger & Eddie Gilbert
    6/4/95 (taped 5/11), Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Steve Austin vs Sting, Alex Wright & the Renegade
  • NWA Pro Wrestling:
    4/29/89, Ric Flair vs Randy Rose
  • NWA St. Louis Wrestling at the Chase:
    2/26/78, Ric Flair vs Mike Pappas
    3/4/78, Ric Flair vs Steve Cooper
    3/11/78, Ric Flair vs Mark Sciaro
    9/9/78, Ric Flair vs Pat O’Connor
    9/16/78, Ric Flair vs Jose Martinez
    9/23/78, Ric Flair vs Don Diamond
    3/16/80, Ric Flair vs Jim Moore
    3/23/80, Ric Flair vs Tommy Sharpe
    5/3/81, Ric Flair vs Mike Kelly
    5/17/81, Ric Flair & Buzz Tyler vs Kenny Milsap & Rufus R. Jones
    1/30/83, Ric Flair vs Raoul Guzman
    2/6/83, Ric Flair vs Mando Barerra
  • NWA World Championship Wrestling:
    4/9/83, Ric Flair vs David Jones
    8/6/83, Ric Flair vs Harley Race
    4/6/85, Ric Flair vs Gene Ligon
    6/23/90, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vs Paul Orndorff, the Junkyard Dog & Rocky King
  • NWA World Wide Wrestling:
    3/12/83 (taped 3/9), Ric Flair vs Ron Rossi
    9/3/83, Ric Flair & Wahoo McDaniel vs Tom Lintz & Jerry Grey (also aired on WWF All American Wrestling, 10/9/83)
    11/4/89 (taped 10/23), Ric Flair vs The Raider
    11/11/89 (taped 10/30), Ric Flair vs Agent Steele
    1/6/90 (taped 12/14/89), Ric Flair vs Eddie Gilbert
  • WCW Pro Wrestling
    10/9/93, Ric Flair vs Sid Vicious (might be the same match as 10/30 Saturday Night)
  • WWWF on MSG Network:
    4/26/76, Ric Flair vs Frank Williams