Starting with… the WWF debut.

Main outfit [72]

1998 [2]

Christian debuted in the WWF with a vampire gimmick, which back then meant gothic symbols: poet shirt, cross or ankh on the tights…

1999 [4]

The vampire gimmick was dropped, and Edge & Christian became a more comedic tag-team. Despite that change, the design on the tights would remain basically the same for a couple more years; the gothic shirt was traded for the same kind of mesh shirt that the Hardy Boys would wear, though.

2000 [3]

2001 [7]

The ankh was finally replaced in the summer, with something more abstract taking its place. It wasn’t a real image change yet, though, as old and new tights were still both used.

2002 [4]

Transition period. Christian tried wearing a matching tanktop (or is that a singlet?) for a while, and also went with silly designs on the pants. This is apparently also when he started wearing trunks over his pants.

2003 [10]

After a bit of trial and error, the Capital C design was achieved and Christian would stick with it for several years.

2004 [5]

2005 [7]

2006 [4]

2007 [2]

2008 [2]

2009 [8]

Coming back to WWE after a couple years in TNA, the design was slightly updated, now using a cursive font and an overall more roundy, less angular look.

2010 [2]

2011 [2]

2013 [2]

2014 [2]

2021 [6]

Complete design overhaul for the arrival in AEW, with lots of ornamentation. The IR on the “belt” is said to be a reference to his daughter, Isla Reso.

Entrance [14]

2004 [4]

2005 [4]

2006 [2]

2007 [2]

2009 [1]

2021 [1]


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Date (YYYY-MM-DD)EventMain outfitEntrance
2021-09-17 [aired 2021-09-18] Impact Wrestling Victory Road (2021) Cage: Black w/ Orange None
2021-09-18 [aired 2021-10-07] Impact Wrestling Impact! Cage: Black w/ Orange None
2021-09-22 [aired 2021-09-24] AEW Rampage (Grand Slam) Cage: Black w/ GoldNEW! Shirt
2021-10-06 AEW Dynamite Cage: Black w/ Gold ?
2021-10-23 Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory (2021) Cage: Black w/ Gold Shirt
2021-11-05 [aired 2021-11-09] AEW Dark Cage: Black w/ Gold Shirt
2021-11-13 AEW Full Gear (2021) Other Shirt
2021-12-29 AEW Dynamite (New Year’s Smash) Cage: Black w/ Red & YellowNEW! Shirt
2022-03-04 AEW Rampage Cage: Black w/ Gold Shirt
2022-03-06 AEW Revolution (2022) Cage: Black w/ Red & Yellow Shirt
2022-04-06 AEW Dynamite Cage: Black w/ Gold Shirt
2022-06-01 AEW Dynamite Cage: Black w/ Red & Yellow Shirt
2022-07-20 AEW Dynamite (Fyter Fest 2022) Cage: Black w/ Gold Shirt
2022-08-03 AEW Dynamite Cage: Black w/ Gold Shirt
2022-09-04 AEW All Out (2022) Cage: Black w/ Red & Yellow Shirt
2023-03-05 AEW Revolution (2023) Other None
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Showing 951 to 966 of 966 entries

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    11/19/2000 (international version, taped 11/14), Christian & Edge vs Essa Rios & Funaki
    2/17/2002 (international version, taped 2/12), Christian vs DDP
    1/19/2003 (international version, taped 1/13), Christian vs Spike Dudley
    3/6/2005 (taped 2/28), Christian & Tyson Tomko vs La Resistance vs Tajiri & William Regal
  • Indy shows
    2006-05-07, BSE Doomsday, Christian Cage defeats Abyss
    2006-07-15, BCW WrestleFest 2006, Christian Cage defeats Conrad Kennedy III
    2006-09-10, MEW Back For Blood, Christian Cage defeats The Assassin
    2006-09-30, BSE Invasion Timmins II, Christian Cage defeats Bobby Roode
    2006-10-14, NEW Autumn Ambush (2006, Day 1), Christian Cage defeats Chris Sabin
    2007-07-21, BSE Gold Rush 2007, Kurt Angle defeats Christian Cage
    2007-11-17, PWA Bash At Beaumont, Booker T defeats Christian Cage
    2008-06-20, PWA Night Of Champions VI, Christian Cage defeats Al Snow